New animation Reel

2013-04-26 00:09:11 by SWiTCH


2012-08-21 03:24:39 by SWiTCH

I saw MasterAardvark's tumblr, and thought it was neat, so I made one.

I will post cryptic sketches and stuff from WIP animations (maaaybe?) into the aether.


Monsters short

2012-07-18 21:31:57 by SWiTCH

Hey, I helped create this spec commercial with pals Edward Leahey and Adam Vencil.

Monsters short

New animation "Figment"

2012-03-12 20:14:52 by SWiTCH

I animated this music video a while back in collaboration with the musician (Raygun Ballet):

on vimeo

It's a bit sparse on complex animation due to its length, but the musician is a director at Rhythm and Hues studio and he put some textures and post-effects on it to interesting effect!

The album is legit awesome in my opinion. You can listen to samples here.
Check out "Bursting Eden", sounds like something out of Mass Effect or Blade Runner. :P

Meanwhile, I've got tons of exciting personal projects planned. Currently working on an electronic album and an animated short for newgrounds that you will most definitely dig. I've also got at least a few more shorts just waiting to be animated.
Would that I had more free time to work on them!

Stay productive, folks.