Entry #4

New animation Reel

2013-04-26 00:09:11 by SWiTCH



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2013-04-26 00:20:17

Pretty cool dude!

SWiTCH responds:



2013-04-26 08:36:09

you got some nice shit happenin there, dude.

SWiTCH responds:

Much appreciated. :)


2013-04-26 16:21:46

wow there are some extremely badass shots in this!

SWiTCH responds:

Thanks bud.


2013-04-26 16:58:49

Interesting choice of music, it suns well with the animation too. It's a both intense and ambient bout of creativity.

SWiTCH responds:

Thanks, I'm glad to hear it! I decided to punctuate every snare hit with a little flash, and I think that helps a lot to mesh the music and imagery even where they might not match otherwise. Makes the thing more cohesive and watchable, imo.


2013-04-26 18:27:21

Yeah, that definitely does it. Didn't notice the flashes were actually intentionally synced while I watched it. Nice. Are all these games/animations showcased here on NG btw? Where's the wolf from?

(Updated ) SWiTCH responds:

A lot of it is from various freelance projects. The wolf, monster, black hole, and some other stuff are from a backdrop for a band's live show. I don't think they ended up getting used, as the job was cancelled halfway through.